Saturday, December 14, 2019

Your support is important to offer activities for the children of the community in a warm and safe environment.

At the Guignolée, you can make a donation at our collect stations or give your donation online!

❤️ Many thanks to all! ❤️

to have raised $ 30,000 for community social pediatrics and the children

The Community Social Pediatrics

What is it? Community social pediatrics is an integrated social medicine that focuses on meeting the needs of children and the respect of their fundamental rights. It includes complementary interventions that gather the community, health institutions, social services, law, community-based organizations and the child and his family.

Activities of living environment

It is recognized that integrating complementary therapies within the social pediatrics approach greatly contributes to reduce stress. These activities take place in a secure and trusting environment, so it makes it easier for the child to express himself while reinforcing his various skills. It helps the young person develop a higher self-esteem and strengthens the feeling of security as well as the socialization skills. As a result, the child is able to find "practical" strategies more easily in his everyday life.
Here are some activities offered at the centre:

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