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The Community Social Pediatrics

What is it? Community social pediatrics is an integrated social medicine that focuses on meeting the needs of children and the respect of their fundamental rights. It includes complementary interventions that gather the community, health institutions, social services, law, community-based organizations and the child and his family.

Activities of living environment

It is recognized that integrating complementary therapies within the social pediatrics approach greatly contributes to reduce stress. These activities take place in a secure and trusting environment, so it makes it easier for the child to express himself while reinforcing his various skills. It helps the young person develop a higher self-esteem and strengthens the feeling of security as well as the socialization skills. As a result, the child is able to find "practical" strategies more easily in his everyday life.

Here are some activities offered at the centre:

Reading to an animal

This is an activity for children with reading difficulties. The non-judgment of the animal allows the child to reduce his stress when faced with challenges and to experiment small victories. This promotes self-esteem and allows the child to open up more and lessen his discomfort with reading.

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Walking in the forest with an animal

This activity helps the child gaining autonomy by learning to assume simple responsibilities. By its openness and its requests, the animal allows the young person to develop his empathy and his listening of others. This activity allows the child to boost his self-esteem, overcome his shyness or self-expression issues.

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Being a playful activity, the knitting workshops are focused on pleasure and relaxation. By knitting, the child works his concentration, his fine dexterity, his patience, his self-confidence and has the pride of having completed a successful project.

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Art therapy

Art therapy sessions invites children to connect with their emotions. In a relaxed atmosphere, they can express themselves through art and stories in correlation with their artwork. Thus, making it easier to communicate about the emotions that inhabits them. Throughout a 12 sessions program, children are invited to share their latest progresses and accomplishments.

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Homework tutoring

With a one-hour tutoring session every week, homework support leads children to discover different ways of achieving their homework, readings and lessons successfully. The main aim is to promote a positive association between the child’s notion of pleasure and his mandatory tasks, which are often seen as unpleasant.

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Music workshops

Music touches everyone. Either by its intensity, its melody, its softness ... The music workshops allow young people to discover and play new instruments. With these sessions, we promote the child’s emotional expression while playfully encouraging the blossoming of his self-confidence as well as improving his motion skills, rhythm and giving him the opportunity to learn different means of communication.

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