We are always looking for volunteers

Bénevoles au CPSC Main dans la main

Why volunteers?

"I like to make a difference in my community."
"I was lucky in life, it's my turn to give back."
"I like to see the smiles that illuminates a child's face."
"I have a passion for sharing."
"I like to be surrounded by children and I don’t have small children myself yet ..."

  • For our weekly activities with our children
    • Homework help
    • Fun activities after school (sports activities, board games, knitting, crafts, music, etc.)
    • Transport of children for activities
  • Accompaniment during our outing activities
  • For our fundraising activities such as:
    • Lemonade kiosk
    • Dr. Julien’s Guignolée for the benefit of Main dans la Main CPSC
  • Senior-Child Twinning Program Share the art
  • The organizing committee for our big Christmas party
  • Office tasks
  • Small crafts or repair jobs
  • Great Friends Program
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